How to Choose the Best Sofa Bed for Your Home

How to Choose the Best Sofa Bed for Your Home

Sofa beds are a desirable piece of furniture, no matter what stage of life you are at.
Whether entertaining friends, hosting extended family, or making movie nights at home with the kids more fun, a good sofa bed is a smart addition to any home.

Of course, you want to make sure you get the right one. To accomplish this, you’ll have to factor in a few important considerations. Remember, the best sofa bed you can buy is the one that suits your needs most adequately.

Know Its Purpose

Is your living room adding a multipurpose sofa, or is your office/ den becoming a guest room? It’s important to know how you intend to use your new sofa bed. Will someone be sleeping on the sofa bed semi-regularly, or is it more of a random thing? All factors to keep in mind.

Measure Your Room

The amount of space you have to work with is the first thing you should think about. It helps to measure the space you have before you go browsing. You don’t want to be stuck second-guessing yourself inside the store. Knowing how much space you have available will help narrow down your purchasing options.

Choosing an appropriate size of sofa bed may seem obvious. However, there are times when people fall in love with a particular model based solely on its appearance or pricing. The novelty of acquiring that new piece of furniture will quickly wear off if it’s not a good physical match for the room where it is situated.

A product like the Pamina Sectional is an excellent example of a sofa bed that can work for people with big homes or smaller spaces. This modular unit does an excellent job of compressing various furniture pieces into a single seating unit. You get ottomans, stools, a chaise lounge, a love seat, and a sofa bed all in one attractive home furnishing.

Map It Out

Another piece of advice? Draw yourself a simple floor plan with the dimensions, and be sure to include the placement of your existing furniture pieces. This outline can be a handy reference when speaking with a sales associate. The best furniture stores will have people who can guide you through the process of enhancing the flow of your home with clever interior design.

Try It Out

If you intend to sit on your sofa bed for long periods, you need to try it out in person. If you or someone you know plans to sleep on it, you also need to try it out in person!
Comfort is subjective, so you’ll want the opinion of everyone in your household, especially if the sofa bed will be your family’s primary seating area.

As most sofa beds have a moving/mechanical component, you’ll want to practice opening up the bed and returning it to its sofa shape before buying it. It may seem silly, but if the system appears janky or difficult on the showroom floor, it’s not likely to improve upon delivery.

The Harrison Double Sofa Bed is reminiscent of other sofa beds you may have seen. But in terms of its simplicity and ease of use, this latest take on the conventional sofa bed adds a lot of luxury and comfort.

Unlike the sofa beds of years past, today’s better quality sofa beds offer an improved sleeping and lounging experience for all.

When testing for seated comfort, remember that most sofa beds tend to feature a firmer cushion for seating purposes, but this isn’t bad. The most important consideration is how it’s designed and the reasoning behind the choice of materials. A well-trained sales associate can walk you through the benefits of each model.

Is There a Warranty?

It may be tough to establish a sofa bed’s level of quality just by sitting on it or looking at it. If it turns out that the sofa bed you’re interested in has a warranty on its construction, consider that a good sign.

Some furniture retailers go well beyond the standard cookie-cutter solutions. Q Living Furniture, for example, allows you to customize certain lines they carry to your liking. The Paris Sofa may sound Parisian, but this customizable range of products is genuinely Canadian. Each item from the Paris collection is painstakingly crafted in Delta, British Columbia.

If you like the style of this made-to-order sofa, it can also include a built-in sofa bed.
When the finished piece features the best materials and best fabrication practices, it’s easy to see why this sofa bed offers a 25-year warranty on its framework.

Find a Reputable Sofa Bed Store

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