Pre-Sale Information (Global Collection Items)

  Here at Q Living Furniture, we carry a variety of products from multiple manufacturers and suppliers around the world.  We have containers travelling from both Europe and Asia, and trade routes can become congested at times.  Check here for the most up to date information regarding delays on your order. 

Why is my order delayed?

Update as of March 4th, 2024:

Container shipments out of East-China ports are experiencing heavier than normal traffic due to delays associated with the Chinese New Year factory and port shut downs.

 How can I get an update on my delayed order?

You should be receiving a weekly email with regards to the shipping status of your order.  If you haven’t been receiving an email, please fill out the contact form below so that a customer service representative can be in touch to ensure we have the correct email on file.  Please note we are only emailing updates and not providing phone updates.  It is important that you provide our team with the best email to reach you at. 

I still have more questions about my order.

Please fill out the contact form below for more assistance regarding your estimated time of arrival.

    Please include any questions you have regarding your order here.