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Q Living Furniture

Q Living Furniture – A curated collection from around the globe and around the block.


Q Living Furniture is an expanding home goods store specializing in living room, dining room, bedroom, and outdoor furniture.  Established in 2006 and expanding from a wholesale warehouse to curated collections, Q Living Furniture has grown alongside the cities surrounding them. With two brick and mortar showroom locations boasting both locally and globally made pieces, our showrooms have been providing destination shopping experiences for over a decade.


Why shop with Q Living furniture?


We are a small, independently owned furniture store in an era of tech companies turned furniture sellers.  Our team focuses on bringing expert craftsmanship to every home, specializing in family (and budget!) friendly styles.   We work hard to bring value to the furniture industry, with a fresh perspective on function and style.  The curated collections at Q Living Furniture offer everything for your home under one roof. 


Started from the bottom, now we’re here.


Q Living Furniture, while a relatively new name, was born into existence in 2006 as Liquidation Furniture & More.  Over the years we have expanded our locations and online offerings to bring curated, family-friendly collections to the forefront.  We have been very well received on Facebook and Instagram, and are perhaps most well-known for our furniture dogs, an Australian Shepherd (Wilson) and a Corgi (Bunker).  As we grew from Liquidation Furniture, we adapted and introduced LQ Furniture, focusing on mid-high end pieces.  Things were moving well, and we opened our first Q Living Furniture location.

Then 2020 and COVID-19 hit.

This was a scary time for retailers, and we decided to reel it in and consolidate our business names, but keeping our two showroom locations.  It did prove to be confusing to be known as three different companies, so we decided to rebrand.  We knew the retail industry would never be the same after such an event, and we made a decision to pivot (insert Ross Gellar yelling PIVOT here). We started a website (as we weren’t online at all before 2020) and consolidated our brands to simply be called Q Living Furniture.  Since then we have made our mark on the furniture industry in British Columbia and beyond!  We are so grateful to our loyal customers who have grown with us through these transitions. 


What you get with Q Living Furniture.


Cue the age-old question, “What makes you different from everyone else?”  The answer is simply, a personalized experience with the utmost care and attention put into every order.  The truth is, we aren’t some big box corporation that focuses on the bottom-line over customer experience.  We are a small independent Canadian company that started from a passion for furniture and turning peoples houses into homes.  We listen to what our customers want, and we even grew with them.  We started over 15 years ago, and since then many of our customers have started families and lives of their own with their homes becoming a central part of their lives, they want their furniture to be a reflection of who they are.  That is why we are here to help.  With our complimentary space-planning and design services, we aim to make each customer’s house a home.  


Our Plan


Q Living Furniture has been a go-to for many families as they grow for over 15 years.  We have created roots in Victoria and Richmond, BC and hope to spread our roots throughout BC and Canada.  We are excited to build on our curated collections, and will work to keep our commitment to focusing on Canadian-made furniture.  Bunker and Wilson the furniture dogs look forward to meeting you and your loved ones at a store near you!


“A curated collection from around the globe and around the block.”