Stain Protection Plan

Q Living Furniture offers a 5 Year Stain Protection Plan available at an additional cost for all of our upholstered items, including living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture.    

What is the cost for a stain protection plan?

Q Living Furniture offers our 5 Year Stain Protection Plan on items at the cost of 10% of the item that you would like to cover on purchases $1299.99+up.  Please give one of our stores a call if you are interested in this offer, as there are usually in-store offers available on this protection plan. 

How do I purchase the 5 Year Stain Protection Plan for my item?
Please give us a call at 604-270-0880 to add the stain plan for an existing item.  Please note that stain plans can be added to your items as long as the stain plan is invoiced prior to delivery or pick-up.  

What happens if a stain occurs and I have the warranty? 
Any stain must be reported to the insurer within FIVE days of it occurring. The insurer will attempt to remove the stain through professional cleaners, and if that fails to remove the stain, new covers will be ordered for your set to replace stained pieces. If replacement pieces cannot be ordered, a store credit for the purchase price of that item will be issued. The above coverage lasts 5 years from date of delivery.

 What is covered?

Our stain plan covers the following:
Human Biological Stains
Pet Biological Stains
Burns (not caused by fire)

Please note the following exclusions from the stain protection plan:
Stains or material damage caused by defect in factory materials or workmanship, or defect apparent at the time of delivery or recalls.
Seam separation of fabric + leather products
Orange drinks
Acid or Corrosive Products
Felt tip markers
Chewing Gum
Build up of perspiration and body or hair oils
Nail polish or nail polish remover
Stains of unknown origin
Use of non-approved cleaning products
Overall cleaning and general maintenance
Owner’s failure to use reasonable caution and care to protect the covered items
Stains or damage as a result of failure to follow the Manufacturer’s instructions of care
Abuse or neglect of items
Damage caused by fire, smoke, flood, or other natural disaster, theft or vandalism
Natural characteristics that cause appearance variations
Furniture sold “as is” or used
Furniture used for commercial purposes
Furniture in transit or storage
X coded and non-colourfast fabrics
The removal of any odour even when caused by stain
Cracking and peeling of leather products
Stains or damage not specifically listed as being covered
Products that are all vinyl and not combination of leather and vinyl

I purchased a warranty and would like to submit a claim.

After you receive your delivery, you should have received an email (within a week) from our insurer with respect to your stain protection plan.  If you would like to proceed with a claim, please have the information in that email on hand.  If you are unsure of your policy number, please call us at 604-270-0880.  

If you have your policy number, please proceed to this link for the next steps: