Fire Pit Ideas for the Ultimate Backyard Hangout Space

Fire Pit Ideas for the Ultimate Backyard Hangout Space

Summer is nice for outdoor gatherings, but fall is underrated when thinking about quality time spent outside.

Fewer bugs. Earlier nightfalls. The crisp quality of air. Autumn on the West Coast of Canada is the perfect time to cozy up to an outdoor fire. A fire pit in your backyard presents the ideal way to extend your summer fun.

There’s nothing wrong with pumpkin lattes to keep you warm in October, but a fire pit or fire table is something everyone in your household can enjoy throughout the year.

Which Type of Fire Table?

Unfortunately, sitting around a bonfire with friends isn’t always practical.

Hanging around a toasty wood-burning fire in the evening is fun, but not if you’re constantly stressing about fire hazards, fire bans, getting smoke in your eyes, and dealing with that funky smell that gets in your hair and clothes.

When it comes to fire tables for your backyard, there is no shortage of ideas. Fire bowls and propane outdoor fireplaces are popular for outdoor heating and aesthetic value.

Here are some ideas for fire tables that should appeal to those who want their backyard to feel more like an extension of their indoor living space and less like a campsite.

It’s Hip to be Square (or Rectangular)

Conventional campfires tend to be round. Square or rectangular shapes with clean lines maintain an uncluttered appearance that complements the geometry of nearby sofas and armchairs.

A contemporary fire table like the Naegea Square Firetable is tidy and neat and will blend in seamlessly with practically any deck or patio. The material is weather and rust-resistant on account of its powder-coated steel construction. The included vinyl cover offers enough protection to defend it against rain.

A neutral, achromatic colour like light grey or dark grey will permit you to add surrounding colour flourishes. A few brightly coloured throw cushions on nearby chairs and sofas will truly pop.

Some people may prefer the rustic appearance of a stone-built feature or a vertical fireplace to draw attention. However, a modern fire table/fire pit opens up more design possibilities. You have the added benefit of enjoying a clear view of the flame from all sides.

Solid but portable, your fire table can be moved and adjusted for the desired placement.

Go for Propane or Natural Gas

Just because you enjoy sitting around an open flame, that doesn’t mean you need to be scrambling for firewood, twisting old newspaper, or dumping messy bags of briquettes as part of the experience.

A fire table is an attractive home furnishing that operates on natural gas to keep your area free of debris. You can maintain full control of your real flame with the push of a button.

If you want a grill for cooking food, a fire table isn’t what you want. The beauty of a fire table is how clean it remains after hours of use.

There are lots of fire table styles sure to enhance your leisure time at home or at the cabin. A unit that ignites easily will add to your relaxation time and cut down on your prep work. No fire logs or fire poker are necessary.

Fire tables offer an unobtrusive way to indulge in the joy of flickering flames outside with your family and friends.

Don’t enjoy the look of a bulky propane tank sitting next to your patio chair? A modern propane cover addresses your visual concerns while serving as another table surface. The concrete-aluminum storage box offers convenient access and safety. It’s a great way to store your tank.

Make Your Fire Table Functional During the Day

Any fire table looks great when it’s dark out and when there is a fire burning, but what about on those bright and sunny days before the sun sets?

A popular way to make a fire table functional is to cover up the fire source altogether. A fitted lid transforms your fire table into a handy coffee table to accent your outdoor space.

Add a Pergola

Why stop with the addition of a stylish natural gas fire pit to refresh your outdoor living area? Create an entirely new living area by adding a new pergola!

A pergola is a free-standing structure without walls that features open or covered rafters overhead. A pergola clearly accentuates your outdoor seating area while adding visual appeal to any yard.

You don’t necessarily need a pergola for a fire table (or vice versa), but each one adds incredible value to any outdoor living space.

A new fire table is an excuse you’ve been waiting for to spruce up your outdoor space and complete your yard.

City life shouldn’t exclude you from the joys of an outdoor fire. Visit a Q Living Furniture store in person or online to view the best outdoor furniture options for your property. We’ve sold plenty of fire tables over the years.

Shop our stores’ selection of fire tables and patio furniture that’s in stock and on sale now! Get the best price by visiting a location near you. Our in-house design services can help you complete any space. Contact us with any questions.

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