Finding the Best Sectional for Small Spaces

Finding the Best Sectional for Small Spaces

When people think about buying a sectional sofa, they usually think of something that is big, bulky and takes up a lot of room. Many don’t think of a sectional sofa as being a viable option for their smaller space.
But we at Q Living Furniture know differently. Now is the perfect time for people living in apartments and townhomes to rethink their position.
Right now, there are huge savings to be had on pretty much every sectional sofa we sell. If you’re thinking about updating your living space with a new sofa, your friends at Q Living Furniture want to help you pick out something awesome and L-shaped!

Big or Small Sectionals

Sure, we sell 6-piece sectional sofas that are extra wide and deep for people with space to fill, but we also sell small space options that take up a lot less room than you might think.

Forget the futon. We sell reversible chaise and sleeper sectional options with storage that look great and speak to your excellent taste.

So, where to begin?

Small Sectional Browsing

Have you checked out our online selection? With our Canadian Made Custom, Canadian Made Quick Ship, Global Selection, and Sofa Bed sectional sofas, you have a lot of options.
Whether you’ve decided you need a sleeper sectional or you’re still unsure, Q Living Furniture invites you to any of our B.C. showrooms for a “test lounge.”
Filter through sizes right on our website, and make it a breeze to shop sectional that fit your space.

Sectionals Are Practical for Smaller Homes

At Q Living Furniture, we think of sectionals as a clever space saver.

Sectionals often serve various purposes. Part sofa, part sofa chaise, part storage unit, part ottoman, part guest bed.

As the “transformers” of the furniture world, they are an ideal solution for rooms where space can be tight. One sectional sofa replaces having to purchase a standard sofa and chairs to seat the same amount of guests.

The L-shaped design often sees sectional sofas hugging the corners of the living room to make the most of the provided space.

Unlike oversized sofas, they can be disassembled into modular pieces for ease of mobility should you ever decide to move. For any customers currently renting a suite, a modular sectional sofa is handy for future transport.

Built-in Sofa Bed Sectionals

When you speak about sectionals, you talk about their versatility.

Sectionals are perfect for entertaining guests when living space is in short supply. Whether you’re hosting family for the holidays, a sleepover party for the kids, or your evening runs late; a sleeper sectional is a fantastic furnishing option. You get a cozy sofa plus a spot for guests to spend the night. The included storage on our transformer sectionals are the perfect place to store your extra pillows, sheets, and blankets!

Many of the sectionals we sell provide the option of having a pull-out sofa bed. If you’ve ever slept on an older model sofa bed, you might be concerned about comfort. Face it, sleeping on your grandparents’ sofa bed wasn’t much fun. Rest assured, anyone who tries our products will get a good night’s sleep.

Meet Dolores

Dolores is one of the more popular sleeper sectionals we sell for apartment dwellers. She is a transformational sectional with an included hide-a-bed. You get a cozy loveseat with an attached storage chaise, which is the perfect place to store your extra bedding, blankets, throw pillows, toys, and more.

Elegant enough for urbane homes, yet fun enough for kids on family movie night. Dolores is a sophisticated multi-purpose sleeping solution for people wanting maximum versatility.

Why a Chaise Sectional?

Don’t want a built-in bed? That’s cool.

Just like a good coffee table, a chaise sofa on its own serves many purposes. If you like to stretch your legs while watching TV, a chaise is essentially one long footrest for your couch.

A well-designed sectional will enhance your television viewing or book reading time.

And isn’t that what having a good sofa is all about?

For condo living, we suggest checking out the Fenty Sectional from our Global collection. With its elegant wooden accents and plush cushions, you get modern minimalism at its finest. This sectional commands the right kind of attention without hogging all the living space.

Another popular option well suited for apartments is the Anthony Reversible Sectional. You get six fabric options and a hardwood frame with a 25-year guarantee, plus you can add a sofa bed if required

If entertaining is your thing, or you have small children, don’t forget to ask about our 5-year Stain Protection Plan. It’s extra peace of mind when living in accident-prone environments (it even covers red wine spills!)

The Ultimate Reversible Sectional Sofa

But if it’s a truly modular sofa you are looking for, then you should definitely check out the Zeus. The translated name means “to shine,” and this custom-built sectional couch does just that in any room.

With multiple configuration options and over a hundred different fabrics to choose from for the frame and seat cushions, this Canadian-made chaise sofa (built in Delta, B.C.) gives you the sectional shape of your choosing. You can add or subtract pieces to suit the size of your home.

Whether you prefer a left-hand or right-hand chaise, our sectionals provide different options for placement.

Q Living Sectional Sofas Provide Superior Quality

Introducing Our Custom Canadian-Made Sectionals

We support Canadian workers, and for good reasons. Our suppliers build sofas of exceptional quality. Many of these products feature certified sustainable hardwood that is kiln-dried to prevent warping. The other benefits our fellow Canucks offer:

  • Our manufacturer in Delta allows for custom sizing (for an additional fee).
  • Our Burnaby manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty on their frames.

Global Sectional Sofa Line of Sectional Sofas

Yes, we also offer the latest offerings from around the world.

When it comes to our Global collection, we should provide a word of caution:

These sectionals (like the Benji 2.5) are incredibly easy to fall asleep on!

To Summarize

Q Living Furniture specializes in sectionals for small living areas in BC. We’ll help you make the most of any room with well-crafted furniture options that get noticed without overpowering the space.

All our sofas are designed for long-lasting quality and comfort, but comfort can be a subjective thing. One person’s idea of sitting on a cloud may prove too soft for someone else. That’s why we suggest testing out our sectionals in person.

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