Feather or Foam Cushions? A guide to help you find your perfect seating.

Feather or Foam Cushions? A guide to help you find your perfect seating.

We’ve all seen that sofa.  You know, the one that looks so cozy, homey, and welcoming that you absolutely must fall right into it.  So, what is it that separates it from the rest? Feathers. 

What’s better, foam or feather?

If you are the type of person who likes clean lines, taut fabric, and a firmer seat…foam is what you’re after.  Foam also keeps its shape better over time, prevents puddling of fabric on the cushions, and can provide a firmer seat.  Foam allows you to sit on your sofa rather than in your sofa.  Looking for a comfortable foam option? Check out the 2105 Sectional from our Q Living Furniture Custom Canadian Made Line.

Now, if you’re the type of person who loves jumping into your sofa after a long day and just sinking in, feather might be the best fit for you.  While it’ll be more work keeping your fabric taut and pillows fluffed, feather and feather-foam mixed seating offer a luxuriously soft feeling, dare I say it, so luxurious that it feels like you are ascending into the clouds.  The Apex Sectional from our Canadian Made Line is one of our most popular feather sectionals, and in-stock! 

I think foam is for me, now what?

There are so many different types of foam seating out there it can make your head spin.  Q Living Furniture offers a multitude of options when it comes to foam density and firmness.  So what does foam offer, and how do they differ? 

Density vs. Compression

So what exactly is the difference?  To put it simply, density is how much one cubic foot of foam weighs while compression represents the amount of weight (lbs) are needed to compress foam by one inch.  Compression is the equivalent, and often referred to in the furniture industry, as firmness. 

Myth: Firm cushions will last the longest.

If you are shopping on advice that the firmer the seat the higher quality the cushion is…we are about to burst your bubble.  What is important when looking for a quality foam cushion is the density, not the firmness which is actually the compression.  Our Canadian-Made lines offer differing density ratings depending on what you are looking for, ranging from 1.8lbs all the way up to a 2.75lbs rating.  If you have a high density foam (ex. 2.75lbs), then a soft will last just as long as a firm would in that density range.  It’s a good shopping practice to ask about density first, then firmness.


You love the plush feeling of sinking into a sofa, and perhaps more specifically, you like to sit in your sofa rather than on your sofa.  There are a number of different types of feather seating.  You can get a feather wrap, full feather, feather/down mix, or just down feathers.  Q Living Furniture offers a mix of everything, helping our customers find exactly what they need.  




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