Buying a New Mattress? 5 Tips to Navigate Mattress Shopping

Buying a new Mattress? Here are 5 things to keep in mind as you start your shopping experience.

One size fits all does not work for mattresses.

Something that is often overlooked when we are doing our furniture shopping is a good quality mattress.  All too often people are sucked into the trendy “bed-in-a-box” mattresses, which aren’t customized to your sleep.  Did you know that the average person will spend 26 years of their lifetime sleeping? That means 227,760 hours of your life are spent on a mattress.  Want to know something even more alarming? The average person spends 7 years of their lifetime trying to get to sleep, which is an astonishing 61,320 hours! 

Source: (Your Life in Numbers –

Read our advice on how to make sure you are not only getting the most out of those 26 years you spend sleeping, but also the 7 years you spend trying to fall asleep.


  1. How firm do you like your mattress?

This is something that is fairly subjective, and what is firm to one person may not be firm to another.  It is important to ask your salesperson if the mattress you are interested in offers a range of different firmness options. 

2. What are you using this mattress for?

Where is this mattress going to be?  Something to keep in mind is that you may need a different mattress depending on your needs.  Is this going to be used for a children’s room? Guest room? Or is this for yourself?  These are all going to factor in to help you get the best value.  

3. How do you sleep?

Whether you are a side, back, or front sleeper will help your salesperson figure out what firmness may be best for you, but also what kind of support you need in a mattress.  Perhaps you are all three!  Different mattresses use different types of coil and foam systems.  If you are a side sleeper you generally want a Euro-Top or Pillowtop mattress that provides a bit of extra padding for your shoulders and hips.  If you are a back sleeper, tight-top mattresses are great  options as you don’t need that additional padded support.  

4. Do you share your mattress?

While sometimes an awkward question to ask, it is important for your salesperson to know if there is more than one person in the bed.  If you are sharing your bed, you and your partner will have a much better sleep if you have a micro-coiling or at least pocket-coil system in your mattress.  Continuous coil when sharing a bed is a no-go as you would feel your partner’s every moment.

5. Do you sleep “hot”?

If you sleep hot, it is important to note that memory foam holds in heat so latex mattresses would be a better option.  Some memory foam mattresses, such as our NovoTech 2, have a gel-infused memory foam as well as a Tencel cooling quilted top which help the memory foam sleep a bit cooler.  If you are looking for a more natural way to sleep cooler, latex is still your best option.  Our recommendation for a latex mattress is the Autumn.


Here at Q Living Furniture, we are dedicated to helping you find your perfect mattress.  Our Richmond, BC showroom has a wide selection (over a dozen) different mattresses for you to try.  Want to know what would be best for you? Check out our new quiz here to help determine what is best for you.


All of our mattresses are made-to-order right here in Delta, British Columbia and come with a 10 year full warranty.  Our Comfort Guarantee also promises to get you into something you will love. 

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