Furniture shopping…what do I need to know?

Furniture shopping…what do I need to know?

March 24, 2022

Started furniture shopping? Picking the right size sofa can be daunting, especially if this is your first time buying a couch (not off Facebook marketplace!)! Perhaps the most important piece of advice that we can give you is to bring your measurements.  It is so important to know the size of your space as it will help narrow down what options would fit in your home.  Need more tips? Our team members have some good advice to keep in mind when you start your furniture buying journey.

Lane –  “If you have time, lay some painter’s tape out so you know what size fits best in your home.”

Knowing how something will look in your home is very important.  Sure your living room wall might be 140” long, but do you really want your sofa covering the entire length?  Putting out some painter’s tape and throwing some cushions down inside will help you give the feel of the space with new furniture in there.  It is common for people to “over-furnish” their space. We don’t want our customers making that same mistake!  You want your space to remain walkable and open.

Neil – “Do your pre-search!  What models are you interested in? What are things you won’t compromise on for your sofa purchase?”

Our Vice President has some sound advice for customers that are furniture shopping.  Bring in a list of things you want for your couch and things you don’t want.  It will make it very easy for our sales team to narrow down a style for you.  We are also very confident in our pricing, products, and service we WANT you to shop around…we know you will be back!

Kaitlyn – “What do you not like about your current couch?”

This is important as when you walk into a showroom like Q Living Furniture which has dozens of floor models, they can all start looking the same.  It is important to bring a checklist of things you don’t like about your current furniture so we can make sure that your new one is just the way you like it!

Alex – “You can walk in our door and get whatever you want; you can choose your chaise; fabric; firmness; leg choices; cushion width, etc.  You have to sit on everything, we can make almost anything fit in your space.  You don’t have to get a sectional, we can do sofas and love seats too. Oh, and remember, talk to us!  We are not on commission, we are here to help.  We have put through hundreds of custom orders and we can give you our best recommendation on what you are looking for.

It’s true! Q Living Furniture prides itself on the in-store experience we provide our customers.  We are a family-friendly and relaxed shopping environment, and want you to know that our sales team works hard to find what works best for you…there is nothing in it for them to convince you otherwise! 

Nicaela – “Inspiration photos! So we can help narrow down options for you.”

We LOVE customers that come prepared with pictures of what they are trying to achieve.  Are you a Pinterest fiend? Show off your board to your sales associate!  Knowing the vibe you are going for will make a big difference from the overall look of the piece of furniture to the comfort or function as well!

Need help finding inspiration?  Check out our Pinterest account here!

Anthony – “We only showcase about 5% of what we can order in.  Find something on our floor that is similar to what you are looking for and we can build beyond that.”

We work with over 30 different suppliers, so there are hundreds if not thousands of products that we can order in even though we may not have it on our showroom floors.  We like being a “one-stop shop” furniture store, so tell us what you are looking for and we can show you some options…either in-store or online through one of our catalogs!

Bethany – “Pinterest it up! Modern can mean so many things, pictures are so helpful.  Moodboards or photos are very helpful as well.”

We have said it before, and we will say it again…bring that inspiration!  Whether it be from Pinterest, Instagram, or the old school collage cut out from numerous home living magazines, we will take it all!  We want to get in your creative mind and figure out what you are looking for so that we can recommend the best options for you.

Chanelle –  “Your space (lighting, sizing, other colors and pieces) can change the way a fabric would look, so you should bring in pictures of your space including flooring, walls, lighting (what kind of light bulbs do you use, warm or cool?), curtains, etc.”

If you are renovating your home and have samples of curtains, flooring, other pieces of furniture you are incorporating, bring it all!  We have an in-house design team that can take your existing pieces and make sure that it fits with the new piece you are looking at.  Take advantage of our complimentary space-planning and in-store design services to make sure your renovation is everything you could have ever dreamed of!

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