Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms – 5 Tips to Keep Your Small Space Big

Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms – 5 Tips to Keep Your Small Space Big

Shrinking spaces…unfortunately that is the reality for many of us living near city centers.  As our population grows our homes get smaller, so we have a few tips and tricks to make your small bedroom feel grand! Hint, a lot of it can be solved with the size of your mattress!

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  1. The Size of Your Bed

The size of your bed matters!  When walking into your bedroom, you don’t want to overwhelm your space and have to squeeze around a giant bed.  The reality is that a King bed might just be too big for your space.  If this is the case, getting a Queen sized bed and a mattress that has a foam encasement will help your bed feel better when you are sleeping on it.  The foam encasement makes it so that there is structure on the edges of your mattress so in the event you are pushed to a small sliver of the bed (be it from your partner or pet!) you don’t feel as though you will roll off.  Thinking that a foam encased mattress might be the solution to your problems? Check out our Vitality Mattress, a fan favourite! 

2. The Size of Your Bedframe

When measuring to make sure a King will fit in a smaller space, make sure you are also accounting for the size that your bed frame may take up! When working with a smaller room, you are going to make sure you select a bed frame that has narrow side rails and a narrow headboard and footboard.  Depending on the size of your bedroom, you may have to opt out of a headboard/footboard option and go with a platform frame that is the exact size of your mattress.  If you are looking for a more finished look but need the frame to be as small as possible, our Albany Storage Bed Frame is a perfect choice!  Not only does it feature narrow side rails, but it offers lift-up storage, perfect for shrinking spaces!

Our Albany bed frame is available in two different colours and in Queen or King size.

3.  Use a Chest instead of a Dresser (or two chests!)

A chest of drawers tends to have a smaller footprint than a dresser.  They do tend to be a bit taller, but when placed in a small room offers just as much storage while saving space in your room.  One of our staff favourites is the Gia Chest, which is commonly purchased two at a time for those smaller rooms!

4.  Light Colours – Including your bedsheets!

Lighter colours tend to help make a room feel bigger, so the easiest way to make your room feel bigger using your existing furniture is to simply change the colour of your bedsheets to a light colour such as white, beige, or a nice light grey.  Other ways you can use colour to make your room feel bigger is to opt for light coloured headboard, such as our May Bed Frame available in a beautiful light grey.  The May is also a great option for small spaces as it features a narrow footboard and side rails.

5.  Leaner Mirrors – Tricking you into thinking your room is double in size! 

Leaner mirrors such as our Squire (available in black or gold!) are great options to help make a small bedroom feel bigger.  Placing the mirror adjacent to a bedroom window so that it reflects more light into the space will make an even bigger difference to the feel of the room!  Place a pouf, or if you have room, a small chair next to the mirror to complete the look!

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