Arranging Your Living Room Furniture for Entertaining

Arranging Your Living Room Furniture for Entertaining

The holiday season is almost upon us. And for countless households, that means getting together with the people in your life to celebrate.  Whether you’re hosting family from out of town or serving eggnog to friends, it’s nice to celebrate the season at home.

Of course, there’s always that little bit of pressure to make your place look extra nice. There are also practical considerations, like seating. You don’t just want to make your home look merry and bright; you’ll also need places to sit and open spaces for people to mingle. 

A new sectional sofa solves many of these problems. Here are 3 ways a sectional sofa will optimize your living room space when you play host.

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1. Opening Things Up to Welcome Your Guests 

When you know you’re going to have more people milling about your home, the key is to have good flow. Rather than having a bunch of chairs clustered together or furniture pieces scattered about that gobble-up space, your room is better served with seating that conforms to the room’s shape.

A sectional sofa pushed against a wall creates an attractive seating option in any home. You just want to make sure your sofa stays clear of any doorways. You always want a clean entry point free of visual distractions or physical obstructions. 

Q Living Furniture’s Sinclair sectional achieves the delicate balance between a clean, modern aesthetic and inviting seating. The U-shaped configuration in the same style defines its own self-contained seating area. Both types draw guests into the room with a visually appealing place to sit.

2. Creating an Intimate Setting

Kitchen chairs dragged into the living room seem so impersonal, especially when compared to sharing a comfortable, angled sectional. Why purchase temporary folding chairs for extra company when a new sofa provides so much valuable comfort? 

Whether exchanging presents or swapping stories, sectionals create a sense of unity. 

A comfortable place to sit is essential if you want people to relax and enjoy their stay. In terms of comfort quality, the feather-filled, high-end feel of the Haven sectional creates a welcoming, positive mindset. Comfortable sofas with deep seating like this are the physical embodiment of hospitality.  

Custom-made pieces like the Whistler make a bold statement in all types of homes. This sectional not only opens up more custom configuration possibilities but also proves that high-end quality and a relaxed feel don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

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3. Freeing Up Space for Mingling

Often, a sofa becomes an object we feel compelled to surround with satellite furnishings: armchairs, ottomans, lamps, plants, end tables, coffee tables, sofa tables, etc. These extra pieces can disrupt the open feel of a room when the goal is to create an airy vibe. The modular nature of sectionals allows them to be more than just one thing, which is helpful if you’re making party plans. 

The Pamina from Q Living Furniture comes with extra sitting stools, a hide-a-bed, built-in storage and a detachable ottoman, making it an attractive space-saver. When you’re done using the components, everything joins back together. You get a comfy, neatly-contained sectional that’s ideal when your company needs a place to sleep. 

Tip: Instead of child-proofing your coffee table for the little nieces and nephews dropping by, having a padded ottoman is a softer, safer alternative for resting your feet on.

Whatever your current living room setup looks like, a nice sectional will revitalize its appearance. Sectionals are available in different shapes, sizes, and styles. 

When it comes to sofa stores, Q Living Furniture is tough to beat. A visit to their showrooms in Victoria, Richmond, or Abbotsford offers inspiration and products that will always make your living room the place to be. Just imagine how nice some new living room furniture will look next to the Christmas tree.

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