7 Ways to Add Colour to your Living Room

7 Ways to Add Colour to Your Living Room

  1. Plants 

Our #1 recommendation to add a pop of color to any room is by bringing the outdoors in. Incorporating plants in your home adds a delightful splash of green (and other colours too!) while also creating a more zen-like environment.  Our friends over at Plantsome make adding greenery in your home a breeze. You simply choose a plant, download their app to help you maintain your new green friend, and reap the colorful rewards.  Did we mention that they offer FREE delivery on orders $75+up? Their easy-to-follow plantcare guides make everyone plant-people!  Check out the Amy, a staff favorite for its pet friendly properties!

P.S. Have a furry-friend in your household? Bonus points to Plantsome for offering a pet-friendly filter!


2. A Feature Wall

Feature walls are becoming increasingly popular with new builds, and can be as simple as a coat of paint or as extravagant as custom herringbone millwork.   If you are someone who fears commitment, (we get it!) temporary wallpaper is a great solution, and is also renter-friendly!  Have you done a feature wall in your home? Let us know in the comments!

3. Pillows, Pillows, Pillows!

Perhaps one of the most fun and cost-effective ways to add a splash of colour to your home is with toss pillows.  The Warrington has remained a steadfast customer favourite as it is two-sided; one side is a sky blue and the other a beautiful cream linen.  Do you love decorating for the holidays?  Changing your toss pillows with the seasons is a great way to add colour and change your space regularly.  Do you have a go-to holiday set-up with toss cushions? Send us a photo for a chance to be featured.

4.  Large Mirror

Mirrors do something great for small spaces, they reflect light not only adding brightness to the room, but generally reflecting smaller splashes of colour you already have!  Check out our Squire Mirror, one of our most popular leaner mirrors.

5.  Artwork

It is likely that you treated your room as a blank canvas, so how about we add a painted canvas!  Adding a pop of colour through art or wall decorations is an easy way to add dimension to a room.  Check out the Britta Wall Art, a beautiful framed piece with gold, blues, violets, and creams!  

6.  Warm fuzzies (blankets)

Do you like curling up under a cozy blanket while you watch a movie? Well this is a great way to add some colour into your space.  While you’re not using the blanket, you can gently toss it over the arm of the couch or tuck it in a basket for just a splash of colour. 

7. Tabletop Decor 

While your coffee table may not be bringing a lot of colour into your space, table-top decor is great for this.  Whether it be a vase that you add fresh-cut flowers to, or colourful figurines, tabletop decor adds colour and personality to any space.  A customer favourite our the Naturalist Vases which come in two sizes, the small and the large.  These are great for those not looking to create a large floral arrangement, rather using one or two florals alone. 

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