5 Tips When Shopping for a Comfortable Sofa

What makes a comfortable sofa? Everyone’s comfort level is different, so we break it down into 5 different factors to keep in mind when sofa shopping that can affect the way it sits.

  1. Foam

Perhaps the most thought about factor when it comes down to comfort in a sofa is how firm or soft it is.  Some people prefer a firmer foam, while those who like to lounge may look for a softer or plusher foam.  Our Canadian Made collection offers at least three different firmness options for all our models! We have a “Goldilocks” sofa in each showroom which allows you to feel soft, medium, and firm all in one sofa. 


2. Depth

More common now than before is to have a deeper sofa.  A deeper sofa is often attributed to a more comfortable, cozier feel that is best suited for family rooms or home theaters.  A deeper frame is generally in the 40” – 47” range.  Sometimes people will be after a shorter depth option, especially more popular if you have shorter legs or if you prefer to sit more upright compared to reclined.  A standard shorter depth sofa would be between 34” – 39”.  One of our most popular deeper sectionals is the Benji 2.5 Sectional, available in 5 configurations and 4 different colours. 


3. Fabric

The fabric choices available can sometimes make a sofa more comfortable than others.  When furniture shopping, it is a good idea to feel the fabric on the back of your hand to tell whether it is rough or soft against your skin.  Corduroy, velvets, and microfibres remain to be the most popular options for family room sofas and sectionals as they are often soft and plush.  Check out the Lionel sectional, currently on display in a thick, plush, corduroy. 

4. Back Cushions

The height of the back cushions is very important, especially if you are a taller individual.  This can make the difference between being able to comfortably lean back or having to “hold” yourself up.  Some of our models, such as the Pamina, have adjustable headrests making it very easy and customizable depending on what your comfort preferences are! 


5. Sofa Bed

Having a sofa bed in your sofa or sectional can often change the way it sits, usually for the worse.  When you add a sofa bed to a sofa or sectional it means that there may not be room for the regular spring and webbing systems they usually implement in order to make room for the sofa bed.  This usually leads to your sofa or sectional sitting substantially firmer than what it would have felt like without a sofa bed.  We always recommend for our customers to think twice whether they actually need a sofa-bed!  We have great options such as this Iso Chair Bed which would be great alternatives so that you don’t have to compromise on comfort for your living room sofa or sectional!


Looking for more tips when shopping for a sofa or sectional? Check out this other blog post for more insight! 


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