Warranty Claim

Here at Q Living Furniture we carry a variety of products from multiple manufacturers and suppliers. Each of our products will carry different warranty terms and will have individual requirements for claims based on the suppliers prerequisites.  If you have specific questions about your warranty, please email [email protected] and our team would be happy to help answer any questions. 

All warranty claims must be submitted in a timely manner including all required documentation and may be subject to further requests as per the supplier or our warranty team. These requests must be replied to promptly to ensure your claim remains open and valid.

Q Living Furniture will not be responsible for costs associated with transporting defective products to our showrooms or suppliers for repair or replacement.  

We, as the dealer, will submit the claim on your behalf. Do not attempt contact with the manufacturer or supplier personally as your claim will not be approved without appropriate communications.  

To open a warranty please submit a complete claim to [email protected] including all of the required information listed below. Please note, incomplete submissions will be subject to extended processing times. 

In your claim email, please include your original sale order number, the purchaser’s name listed on the invoice, phone number, email address, confirm if you still have the original packaging, detailed description of the issue, clear photos of the specific damage, a clear photo of the entire item, a photo of ALL manufacturers tags, barcodes and warning labels. If the claim is due to a noise related issue, please submit a short, audible video or audio clip of the sounds. *Please note that each of our suppliers have different claim requirements. Our team may reach out to you requesting further documentation as needed. This documentation must be submitted in a timely manner. 

The warranty department works from Monday-Friday.  A warranty team member will be in contact within 48 hours(within our standard working hours).

One (1) Year Warranty Includes: 

Valid from the date of delivery or pick-up. The warranty applies to manufacturing defects resulting from residential use only. Our products are not intended for commercial nor industrial use. This warranty includes the frame, seams, mechanisms, and springs. This guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear such as but not limited to: cuts, scratches, damage caused by impact or accidents, discolouration, shrinkage, fabric pilling, misshapen filling materials and stains.  Products that have been stored, assembled or installed incorrectly, used inappropriately, abused, misused, altered, or cleaned using the wrong cleaning methods and/or cleaning products, are not covered by this guarantee.  Once a claim has been filed and approved, and the repair or replacement has been completed, please note that there is no additional one year warranty on your replacement parts or furniture. 

Replacement of any non-defective pieces of furniture (for example, if you purchase furniture with multiple components and only one component is defective, then we will only replace (or repair) the defective component.  Replacement can either be a brand new or refurbished piece).

 Transportation costs to and from the showroom for damaged or replacement pieces is not included in the warranty coverage.

Abnormal damage from wear & tear may be eligible for a partial refund/credit. 

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