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Storage Bed Solutions: How to Maximize Space with Style

Modern storage beds and sofa beds are space-saving items that combine elements of different furniture pieces. Not only do they offer a sleeping option for you or your guests, but they help maximize small living spaces by providing additional storage space and functionality.

And when it comes to the preferences of today’s savvy furniture shoppers, convenience never goes out of style.

But which system is the right bed for your home?

Understanding Storage Beds and Sofa Beds

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Types of Storage Beds

Various types of storage beds are available, each with unique storage solutions. 

Platform storage beds (an elevated base without a box spring) have integrated drawers underneath. In contrast, a lift storage bed (like the upholstered Angelina storage bed) has a top platform with wood slats that lifts hydraulically to reveal a storage area below the mattress. 

Some storage bed models also feature additional shelving built into the headboard, although most consumers today prefer the comfy appearance of an upholstered headboard. This padded option is desirable for those who love to read or watch TV in bed.

Whether you prefer a platform bed with storage drawers in the sides or footboard (such as the Provence bed frame) or lift beds with plenty of space beneath the mattress, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Exploring Sofa Beds

Sofa beds are versatile and convenient furniture pieces found in larger homes and smaller apartments. Ideally, they provide comfortable everyday seating and transform into beds as required.

Unlike storage beds, sofa beds aren’t typically used as a primary sleeping system for homeowners. You’ll find sofa beds in living rooms, guest bedrooms, dens, and basements outside the main bedroom.

As such, sofa beds offer more variety in their sizing and styling to accommodate people’s varying decor preferences.

From 2-seaters and 3-seaters to L-shaped sectionals that make the most of the available space, the adjustable nature of sofa beds makes them a popular choice for homeowners in Vancouver (and elsewhere) who want the most bang for their buck.

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Different Styles of Sofa Beds and Functionality

The classic sofa bed (or sleeper sofa) has a pull-out mattress, providing a comfortable sleeping space for one or two people. They come in twin-size, full-size, queen-size, or king-size options, offering ample space for a good night’s sleep.

Modern sofa beds feature sleek designs that blend seamlessly with contemporary decor. Many prefer a seating option that doesn’t just provide a temporary sleeping option; they want versatility for added value.

For example, the Pamina Sectional with pull out, is more than a sofa or a bed; it includes a love seat, chaise lounge, and ottomans, providing extra seating and footrest comfort. The Pamina’s adjustable headrests offer another layer of cozy sophistication that elevates its appeal while lounging.

On a smaller scale, the Delores Sectional with pull out, is a highly adaptable piece featuring a chaise designed for housing extra blankets, pillows and throws. It is a popular choice for young families living in townhomes and apartments.

Despite the difference in size, both of these convertible sofa bed options are perfect for homes with limited space.

Whatever your preference, there is a sofa bed style to meet your needs. As with all furniture, especially items you’ll be spending a lot of time on, it’s recommended that you try it out in person before ordering.

Explore Your Options at Q Living Furniture

Storage beds keep your room organized, while sofa beds provide plentiful seating and sleeping convenience. Outside your preference for light or dark colours, it’s essential to consider factors like space utilization, comfort, and versatility when deciding between the different styles.

Whether you’re trying to accommodate a larger home or a small space, Q Living Furniture’s helpful sales staff are happy to provide interior design assistance. The staff can help you choose designs that best complement your existing decor.

You can always touch base with an associate online if you can’t make it in. Q Living Furniture delivers its contemporary furnishings across Canada.

Whether you choose a storage bed or a sofa bed, these space-saving solutions will surely enhance your home’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. Happy furnishing!

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