Shopping for Sofa Beds? Read This First

A sofa bed is the quintessential multi-purpose furniture piece for anyone who wants to make the most of their space… and their furniture budget!

Not only will you have a designated place for overnight guests, but you’ll also get a sofa built for entertaining. Ideally, you want to invest in something capable of handling your everyday living room needs.

After all, a sofa bed isn’t just for show.

When it comes to shopping for sofa beds, you have a variety of styles and options to choose from. But furnishings with moving parts designed to support different functions demand extra scrutiny. You want to ensure you’re buying from a store that prioritizes quality craftsmanship and customer service over quick sales.

British Columbia residents living in Victoria, Greater Vancouver, and the Fraser Valley have trusted Q Living Furniture for years. And there are plenty of reasons why.

Battling the Stereotypes About Sofa Beds

Sofa beds in the past were not known for being that comfortable, either as a sofa or a bed.

Today’s modern options are much better, but it all depends on the level of craftsmanship and the materials used.

Most sofa beds tend to offer a firmer cushion on the sofa for seating purposes, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t cozy and inviting. Models with extra built-in features like additional ottomans or pull-out extensions for extra legroom deliver comfort in surprising ways.

Why sit in front of the TV when you can lounge using your new sofa bed?

There’s a Difference Between Cheap and Good Value

A junky sofa bed will wear out its welcome pretty fast. A sofa bed with a broken pull-out mechanism is not an easy fix. Buying the cheapest sofa bed option rarely saves you money in the long run.

Not every type of sofa bed will make your life easy and carefree. There are good deals to be had on sofa beds (especially at Q Living Furniture), but before you whip out your credit card, you’ll want to be aware of the quality you’re purchasing.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while browsing.

Measure the Space You Have Before You Shop

Regarding your new furniture purchase, a few inches here and there will make a big difference when the product arrives at your home. Measure the size of the room you’re shopping for beforehand. A simple floor plan of the room with dimensions can make the selection process much easier. If you visit a store where the staff includes interior design consultants (like Q Living Furniture), you’ll receive expert advice. You want a sofa bed that allows for a good flow of movement wherever it is positioned within your home.

Test It Out

Any modern home decor can look nice from afar, but that doesn’t mean it will serve its purpose. Stores like Q Living Furniture invite shoppers to try out their products in-store. Don’t be afraid to kick off your shoes and lie down. First and foremost, you want to check any sofa bed for its comfort level and firmness. Ask questions about what’s inside the cushions and mattress.

Pull out the bed and return it to its sofa position. You’ll want to do this a couple of times. Avoid purchasing sofa beds that are difficult to unfold or put away. Watch out for a folding mechanism that can potentially snag and damage any bedding.

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Look for a Solid Frame

Hardwood frames that have been kiln-dried are always desirable. If the sofa bed you’re looking at seems cheap, unfinished, and flimsy on the showroom floor, it’s not likely to improve with age inside your home.

What’s Out There?

Today’s modern sofa beds don’t resemble the futons from your college days or the outdated model at your grandparents’ house. Innovative designs mean you can incorporate beds into other pieces of furniture, like the Marvel Ottoman

If you’re looking for an example of what’s out there, Q Living Furniture is a great place to start. Just as sofas differ in style, so do sofa beds.

The Pamina Sectional

If you’re going to invest in a sofa bed, why not go for the one that has it all: comfort, style, and plenty of function, whether it’s folded out or tucked back into sofa mode.

This sectional sofa is a Swiss Army Knife of comfort and convenience. It combines everything you could ask for in a sofa bed with the added utility of a love seat, chaise, and separate ottomans.

It’s a cleverly chic seating unit with padded stools, adjustable headrests, hidden storage for cushions, and a pull-out drawer bed that blends into the unit when not in use.

Style, storage, and versatile organization define the Pamina Sectional. If you require extra seating or a place for your guest to crash for the night (but you don’t have much extra space), the Pamina Sectional is the sofa bed for you.

Tustin Custom Canadian-Made Sofa Bed

Not all modern sofa beds need to appear ultra-modern. The Tustin Sofa Bed combines the timeless appearance of an elegant sofa with grade A fabric and some of the sturdiest hardwood materials around. Each sofa is meticulously handcrafted in Delta, British Columbia.

Available as a regular sofa or the sofa bed version, the Tustin is a true showpiece in any room. What’s nice about this model is that you can add matching pieces, including a loveseat and chair.

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Hunter Custom Canadian-Made Sofa Bed

Here’s another product that will convert any space into a bedroom for sleeping.

Made in Burnaby, BC, the Hunter Custom Canadian Made Sofa Bed is perfect for homes big or small. You get a stylish sofa (with 200 available fabric options and various matching configurations to choose from) and a queen-sized bed all in one.

It’s Both a Sofa and a Bed (and so much more!)

If you’re ready to buy, the selection of styles at Q Living Furniture is tough to beat. The sofa bed section on their website is a great place to start your search. Let their team help you find the sofa bed that will best suit your needs.
Transform Your Living Space with the Pamina Sectional: The Ultimate Sofa Bed and Storage Solution

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