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Did you just move into a new place? Are you thinking it’s time to upgrade your patio furniture? If so, Q Living Furniture in Victoria, Richmond, and Abbotsford can help you enhance the look and feel of your outdoor space.

Like many British Columbians, when the warm weather arrives, your outdoor living area becomes your main living area.

Maybe this should be the year where you don’t settle for disposable furniture. If your backyard furnishings are a mishmash of cheap hand-me-downs, you owe it to yourself to see what’s out there. And this season, Q Living Furniture has quite a lot to choose from with sale pricing to match.

Expand Your Search to Liven Up Your Outdoor Living Space

Comfort matters. So what’s the point of buying patio furniture at the same store where you buy groceries?

Whether browsing for balcony furniture or patio dining sets, you want to feel good about the furnishings you’ll be spending time with. Paying a little extra for some style and better construction is something people rarely regret.

Small Outdoor Areas Deserve Nice Furnishings Too

You may only have a small balcony in your downtown Vancouver condo, but you can still complement that desirable view with an elegant seating area.

Take the Village Patio Bistro Set, for example. This attractive 3-piece table and chairs set is comfortable and will maintain its sophisticated look for years.

Fold-up beach chairs are nice at the beach, but don’t cut it when chilling with a book and an iced coffee at home. Q Living Furniture has all sorts of items to improve your patio game.

It’s Time to Think Differently About Patio Furniture Vancouver!

A lot of people still think about patio furniture with an old-fashioned mindset. They think if it’s going to be sitting outside, it can’t be too fancy.

Not only does Q Living Furniture in Victoria, Richmond, and Abbotsford sell outdoor sofas that could work in any living room, but they are built tough for B.C.’s coastal conditions.

We can’t blame you for thinking the Belize Patio Sectional is an indoor sofa. People who try it out in-store are continually shocked to find it’s built for the great outdoors.

Who says your new outdoor sofa can’t be as cozy as the one inside? Stylish and comfortable with deep seating and a modern aesthetic appeal, the Belize is a must-have for anyone with a bit of backyard space.

Yes, It Can Stay Outside

Comfort and looks aren’t the Belize sectional’s only charms.

This item is well suited for the rain with its weather-resistant acrylic SUNBRELLA fabric and quick-dry foam cushions. Liquid beads on its surface. Mould won’t be an issue, nor will the sun, as this fabric does not fade.

Not only is it waterproof, but you’re protected against stains. That spilt glass of merlot or accidental squirt of ketchup will easily wipe off. So bring on the barbecue!

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New Patio Furniture That’s Hot

Compared to the rest of Canada, Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island residents have it easier weather-wise. A milder climate means we get to use our decks and patio furnishings a little more than the rest of our fellow Canucks.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate a little heat when the sun goes down.

Fire tables and fire pits are the modern equivalents of the traditional campfire. And who doesn’t love sitting around a campfire, especially if there’s no smoke or mess.

The Naegea Small Rectangular Fire Table is built from sturdy powder-coated steel. At first glance, it resembles a compact concrete slab. Pop the center lid, and you reveal a modern burner with lava stones. One push of a button is all it takes to ignite the flames.

When not in use, you have a solid outdoor table that’s resistant to weather, UV rays and rust.
If you really want to impress your guests with an attractive and functional feature on your patio or deck, a fire table or fire pit makes a terrific addition.

Improve Your Patio Area by Visiting Our Patio Area

When you visit Q Living Furniture for patio furniture, garden furniture, outdoor furniture (or whatever else you want to call it), rest assured we carry the largest selection of modern furnishings around.

And there are always big sales whenever you’re ready to shop.

Be sure to check out our new patio section in Victoria. Our patio furniture selection is tough to beat, regardless of which store you visit. Visit us today.

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