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The Outdoor Furniture Vancouver Residents Need this Summer

Weather in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island is challenging for outdoor furniture. High humidity, frequent rainfall, and UV exposure require furniture that can withstand the elements.

It rains a lot. We get it.

The West Coast’s High humidity and frequent rainfall are a bad combination for outdoor furniture, especially unprotected items that are subject to mould and mildew growth. And if it’s not raining, the sun’s UV rays contribute to colour fading, warping and cracking.

As a West Coast furniture retailer, Q Living Furniture carries outdoor furniture that looks fantastic and is built for the long term.

Q Living Furniture’s Outdoor Furnishings

At Q Living Furniture in Vancouver (Richmond) and Victoria, you can choose from a wide selection of patio sectional sofas, dining tables, chairs, and loungers for backyards and decks of every size.

If comfort, style, and plentiful seating are important to you, the following products are attractively priced and ready for delivery.


This roomy outdoor sectional offers deep-seated comfort with thick and inviting cushions. With its modular functionality, you can switch between a right or left-facing appearance. Available in several colour combinations, your deck’s new showpiece features timeless grey and beige-tone cushions for sophisticated lounging.


If you’re looking for a similar seating option that’s not quite as large, the Wayne Patio Sectional is always a popular option. Peel off the packaging, and you have a sofa that wouldn’t look out of place sitting in the lobby of a high-end hotel. Its geometrical cushions, subtle textures, and sleek, uncluttered appearance make it easy to see why Wayne is so in demand.

A visit to the showroom with your patio’s dimensions in mind is the best way to find the model that will serve you best. Need advice on protecting your purchase in the years ahead? Q Living Furniture’s friendly associates will advise you on getting the most out of your outdoor furnishings.

The Benefits of Sunbrella® Fabric for Outdoor Furniture

Sunbrella fabric is a popular choice for outdoor and indoor furniture. Its weather-resistant properties ensure enhanced durability, colour retention, and easy cleaning for cushions and frames.

This expertly crafted fabric is resistant to water penetration, preventing the inevitable buildup of mildew that so many outside furnishings left outside succumb to. Combined with quick-dry foam cushions underneath, you won’t have to continuously monitor the weather forecasts or worry about blanketing your furnishings with a protective cover.

Sunbrella fabric also delivers exceptional UV protection, preserving its colour and shape during the sunniest months. Did we mention that cleaning accidental spills is also a snap? The following products are lovely to look at and feature Sunbrella fabric for added confidence wherever they end up.


St Barts

Who says you have to visit the Caribbean to experience the relaxation of St. Barts?

Q Living Furniture’s St Barts patio furniture line will leave you sitting happy in the West Coast sun.

Of course, not everyone has enough outdoor space for a large sectional sofa. Thankfully, Q Living Furniture’s selection includes balcony furniture for condo dwellers from Nanaimo to the Fraser Valley.

Perhaps a single, comfy chair is all you need. The St Barts line features charcoal or medium grey options for their patio chairs, sofas, and sectionals. The best thing about many of Q Living Furniture’s outdoor lines is that they look entirely suitable for the fanciest of indoor living room spaces, too.


Like the St Barts patio set and chairs, the Belize models feature hardwearing Sunbrella fabric atop the sturdiest craftsmanship. However, your sofa and chairs are supported by a square-style leg underneath. The vegetation around your yard may not resemble the Caribbean coast of Central America, but that doesn’t mean you can’t carve out your own little piece of happiness in your backyard.

The Coastal Wooden Patio External Dining Set

No deck or patio is complete without an attractive dining option to make the most of the West Coast summer sun. This Coastal Wooden Dining Set is designed for years of attractive functionality with its aluminum faux-wood top and easily stackable (conveniently stored) chairs.

Q Living Furniture offers a range of exceptional outdoor patio dining sets and garden furniture to complete your outdoor oasis.

Expanding Your Outdoor Living Space with Q Living Furniture

Our rugged yet exceptionally stylish pieces are designed to expand your outdoor living space and maximize the enjoyment of your balcony or deck.

Never underestimate the power of a new piece of furniture to accentuate the appeal of your home and reinvigorate your love of the outdoors.

Visit Q Living Furniture for More Ideas

Investing in durable outdoor furniture on the West Coast is like investing in an umbrella; you won’t ever regret it!

Q Living Furniture offers a wide range of high-quality outdoor sofas, chairs, and tables that maintain their looks season after season for years on end. You can also trust Q Living Furniture’s friendly staff to provide attractive deals and endless design inspiration.

Visit online or stop by the Victoria or Richmond location in person.

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