Mattress Vs Futon

Conventional Mattress vs Futon: Which Is Right for You?

Some furnishings you buy for the look. Others you buy based on how comfortable they are. And sometimes, it all depends on your budget and how much space you have.

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, traditional mattresses never go out of style.

That being said, you may have heard that futons are making a comeback. Yes, the fixture from your college days is showing up in homes once again.

But has anything changed since the last time you crashed on the one at your friend’s place back in university?

The Japanese Futon Explained

The futon concept originated in Japan, where it remains a popular sleeping option to this day.

The Japanese futon is a folded mattress that rests on the floor atop a mat. The mattress is typically filled with cotton. Because futons are thinner than conventional mattresses, they can be rolled or folded up for ease of storage when not in use.

Japanese futons provide an efficient sleeping surface, especially for those living in smaller spaces. Futons are designed to be stored away when not in use.

In North America, futons are recognized as a budget-friendly solution that often combines a sleeping surface with a sofa frame. Unfold the unit, add some bedding and a pillow, and you have a makeshift sleeping option. Fold it back up, and you get your couch back.

Whether you prefer Japanese-style futons or Western futon mattresses, you get a product designed for convenience and making the most of your limited space.

Which Futon or Bed Mattress to Choose?

Today’s futons are starting to resemble conventional mattresses. You can buy foam, memory foam, cotton, polyester, innerspring, coil futon mattresses, and hybrids.

The futon you select also depends on the type of frame it is sitting on (be it a wood or metal frame). There are bi-folds (with a seat and backrest), tri-folds (which fold three ways instead of two), and loveseat futons available in double and queen sizes.

Many of today’s modern futons bear little resemblance to the traditional Japanese futons that inspired them.

Regular Mattresses vs Futon Mattresses: Which One Gives You a Better Sleep?

Comfort is subjective. So when it comes to your rest, you need to give any potential mattress an in-person test.

Generally speaking, futons are typically thinner and firmer. Despite their many improvements over the years, futons serve a dual purpose, and their designs reflect those considerations.

On the other hand, traditional mattresses are built for one thing only: sleeping comfortably.

Conventional mattresses tend to provide better support for cradling your body. They are thicker and heavier as they contain more material and multiple layers. That extra padding, stuffing, and memory foam makes a noticeable difference in the quality of your rest.

Q Living Furniture Only Sells Traditional Mattresses for a Reason

If you’re comparing the best, most popular mattresses today (like the Celestial Medium Firm) against the best futons out there, it’s no contest.

The more companies try and modify the Japanese futon mattress concept to make it like a western bed, the more it makes you appreciate the comfort and simplicity of a traditional mattress.

mattress vs futon

Get All the Support You Need with a Conventional Mattress

At Q Living Furniture, we sell traditional mattresses and beds in the standard North American sizes. Our selection covers the entire spectrum of comfort preferences, from ourScion Extra Soft Mattress (for all you side sleepers out there) to theTulameen Ultra Firm (for the back and stomach sleepers of the world).

If sleeping and comfort are a priority for your bedroom, Q Living Furniture’s selection of mattresses is sure to please.

Do you suffer from hip, joint, or back pain? Are you sensitive to allergies? Do you get too warm at night or pile on the blankets? No matter your situation, our stores in Victoria, Richmond, and Abbotsford have different styles of beds with different materials for you to try.

You Can Save Lots of Money When You Visit Q Living Furniture

Get the comfort level you desire without any compromise. At Q Living Furniture, we think you’ll find that our ‘regular mattress’ and ‘regular bed’ selection is anything but ‘regular.’

And customers love our excellent pricing!

Just because you have limited space in your apartment doesn’t mean you can’t have a good night’s sleep on a top-quality mattress.

What About a Sofa Bed?

If you are in the market for a more space-saving sleeping option that doubles as seating, you have no shortage of options at Q Living Furniture.

Modern sectional sofas like the Martino Sectional transform your living room sitting area into a cozy yet durable sleeping surface.

Or how about our Marvel Folding Ottoman Bed? This unit masquerades as an attractive footrest when it’s not used as a fold-out bed.

Memory foam mattresses? Latex mattresses? An air mattress? A box spring? Which do you prefer on your bed frame? 

Who knows, maybe waterbeds will be trending next year at this time. 

Of course, the furniture you had in your first home may not be suitable for the home you live in today.

When it comes to sleeping surfaces, you have plenty of options at Q Living Furniture. Stop by and see what we have. We’ll make sure you get the bed that works best for you.

Aava Storage Bed

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