Mattress Sizes – Everything You Need to Know

Mattress Sizes – Everything You Need to Know

If you find yourself tossing and turning a lot more than you used to, or you’re waking up sore, it could be a sign that your mattress needs to go “bye-bye.”

When that day arrives, it may be a good opportunity to update your entire bed system. Different life stages demand different sizes and styles of bed.

Not being able to sleep comfortably affects your physical health, overall mood and mindset.

At Q Living Furniture in Richmond, Victoria, and Abbotsford, we ensure you get the best quality mattress for your dollar and the most suitable size for your home.


The Importance of Bed Dimensions and Room Size

If you’re in the market for a new bed or mattress, Q Living Furniture has a variety of modern styles to choose from. Our staff can recommend models based on your sleeping style, personal taste, and room dimensions.

If you are in the market for a new bed frame, you should consider trying out a new size.

Our range of twin mattresses, full-size mattresses, queen-size mattresses, and king-size mattresses feature durable materials and the latest innovations.

Sleep health matters! If you’re ready to enjoy a good night’s sleep once again, a visit to Q Living Furniture in Victoria, Richmond, or Abbotsford is all it takes.

Mattress Size Affects Comfort

You love your spouse, but that doesn’t mean you adore their constant tossing and turning in the middle of the night.

Even if you invest in a comfy new mattress, repurchasing the same dimensions may not address that all-important matter of personal space.

The full-sized bed and mattress you bought when you first moved in together ten years ago have served their purpose. Maybe now is the right time to try a queen size for a change. You’ll be amazed how a little more space can increase your nighttime happiness.

If sleeping with a partner has been a challenge, a good memory foam mattress (like the ones at Q Living Furniture) can minimize motion transfer from one section of the bed to the next.

From a single mattress to a king-size bed frame, Q Living Furniture carries the most popular mattress sizes and bed styles for single adults, couples, and families.

How To Clean a Mattress

Selecting a New Mattress Size

Determining the correct mattress size for your sleep is less cut and dry than you may think.

You’ll always pay a little bit more for a larger mattress and bed, but that doesn’t mean bigger is necessarily better for you.

It all boils down to having enough room to fit comfortably without disruption.

The selection of mattresses at Q Living Furniture is available in standard Canadian mattress sizes.

  • Twin/Single
  • Full/Double
  • Queen
  • King

Other Sizes?

Maybe you’ve heard about a California king mattress or a twin XL mattress?

At this time, Q Living Furniture doesn’t carry any California king, Alaskan king, twin XL, full XL or custom mattress sizes. Finding bed frames, box springs, and bed sheets to go with those less common sizes can be a challenge.

How to Prepare Before You Shop

Our advice? Measure your room and determine the amount of space you have. Angled walls, dressers, bedside tables, and door clearance should all be taken into account.

Once you’ve determined your room size, stop by Q Living Furniture in Abbotsford, Richmond, or Victoria and bring in your bed size dimensions. Snap some pics of your room, and our staff can provide even more design inspiration.

King Size Bed – Mattress Size 193 x 203 cm (76 x 80″)

The king-size bed is the largest size carried at Q Living Furniture.

Remember, king beds aren’t just for tall people.

If you’ve got the space, moving up to a king bed (from a full or a queen) may be the thing that’s going to enhance your sleep.

If a king-size bed fits your space, why not make the most of it?

A visit to any of our Victoria, Richmond, or Abbotsford stores will determine the perfect model for your home.

Single/Twin Beds – Mattress Size 96 x 188 cm (38 x 75″)

Do you have a little one graduating from a crib mattress to a big kid’s bed? Have your children outgrown their bunk beds? If so, Q Living Furniture has a range of twin-size mattress styles to keep everyone happy.

For many aging adults, sharing a bedroom with separate beds is a more desirable option than sharing a new larger mattress. Twin-size beds are a logical choice for many with smaller rooms or single sleepers.

Whatever your situation, Q Living Furniture has a corresponding mattress and bed.

Full Bed/Double Mattress Size 134 cm x 190 cm (54 x 75″)

If space is an issue in your downtown apartment, a full-size mattress will save you space in the master bedroom. Double beds are also great for single adults or guest rooms in larger homes.

Queen Size Mattress Sizes 152 cm x 203 cm (60 x 80″)

Queen is the most popular mattress size sold today, but each person’s idea of having enough space can vary drastically.

If you’re that couple that enjoys extra room as you sleep, a queen-size mattress is where you should start your search.

Fuzion 12" King Eurotop Mattress

Stop By for a Comfort Test

Mattress shopping is one of those things that’s better to do in person. The amount of sleeping area you require is a personal preference, but it’s always easier to determine with a physical test.

When it comes to choosing a new bed frame and mattress, room size will always be a factor.

Q Living Furniture has plenty of mattress options and bed sizes for you to try out. What’s your favourite sleep position?

We’re low-pressure, friendly, and ready to answer all your questions.

Stop by any of Q Living Furniture’s B.C. locations to discover your new standard for comfort.

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