Live Edge Product Information

Live Edge Wood pieces are characterized by the natural elements of the wood used.  No two pieces will be the same.  Each piece of wood used will vary in tonality, which includes the wood having both warmer and cooler tones present.  Natural holes, cracks, and knots in the wood may be present or filled with resins, this is dependent on the artist of the piece.  Texture will vary between all pieces, as well as the appearance of the stain on the wood slab used.  Stain will take differently to different pieces and parts of the wood, and therefore enhance the natural texture and quality of the wood.  Your Live Edge piece will be representative of the tree your wood comes from. Your piece will retain the style of the showroom model, but the wood will truly be unique.


Recycled and Reclaimed wood furniture is hand-made, using only selected reclaimed or recycled solid wood.  This repurposed wood has been subjected to a very specific renovation and kiln drying procedure, then hand finished and polished, using the top quality sustainable finishing materials, to create or enhance a genuine aged patina, showing marks, subtle scratches and cracks of previous use.  The finish of this unique product may be lacquered, naturally oiled or waterbase aged and rustic which makes each piece unique.


Please note Acacia wood can crack if stored below 0℃ for multiple days.  


While we at Q Living Furniture want for you to be happy with the pieces you receive, however we CANNOT take returns on wood items that do not fall under a warranty claim.  Should you have concerns upon receiving your item, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Please note photos of the item will be requested as well as original packaging.