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The Sectionals and Patio Furniture You Desire Now In Stock

Shopping for a new piece of quality furniture should feel invigorating! What better way to transform the look and feel of your home than with unique indoor and outdoor seating?

At Q Living Furniture in Richmond and Victoria, you’ll find modern furnishings and accessories on display that add a sophisticated feel to any space. It’s a place where the staff welcomes your questions, and all are welcome.

Most importantly, it’s where you can test out the latest designs, stylish frames, and eye-catching cushions in person. Your leisure time deserves the very best. You also deserve a great deal.

Any good shopping experience involves a sense of gratification. That happy, contented feeling is what Q Living Furniture strives for the instant you walk through its doors.

Waiting Around for In-Stock Furniture Isn’t Fun

The staff at Q Living Furniture understands that a confident purchasing decision isn’t based solely on your final choice of a leather or linen sofa. A rewarding shopping experience is only possible if you’re happy at every stage of the furniture-buying process.

Q Living Furniture understands how disappointing it can be when you discover the model you’ve fallen in love with is out of stock. When you find that perfect sectional, dining table, or bed, you don’t necessarily want to wait around for weeks on end to take delivery.

Shoppers looking for high-end furniture understand the delays associated with custom-made products. But that doesn’t mean Q Living Furniture isn’t constantly working on new ways to expedite your delivery.

Based in British Columbia, the store works hard to carry as many items as possible in stock. Having the product you want on hand is a big part of meeting customer expectations. From the manufacturer to the store’s living room/bedroom showroom to your home, Q Living is always looking for ways to reduce your waiting time.

Don’t Wait for the Fall to Catch a Great Deal on Summer Furniture

There’s never a good time to encounter extensive delays in receiving your furniture. It’s especially critical when the weather is right for entertaining friends and family outside with stylish new patio pieces.

You don’t have to wait for the temperatures to drop at Q Living Furniture to enjoy sale pricing. The store offers deals throughout the summer on a wide selection of patio dining sets, outdoor rugs, and water-repellent outside sectional sofas.

Check out the comfortable and highly durable Belize line of outdoor furniture; these are just some of the many innovative backyard furnishings available for delivery across Canada.

Q Living Furniture also has two warehouses in Victoria and Richmond, where items can be picked up at your convenience.

Start with the Website and Stop by for the Full Experience

A visit to the Q Living Furniture website will tell you about the various sizes and styles available. Pick a model in your preferred colour, and you’ll see exactly how many are left in stock. Want to make sure it’s ready when you want it? Don’t hesitate to contact the Q Living Furniture staff at any time.

When you choose to visit our stores in Richmond or Victoria, B.C., you’ll discover an even more immersive experience. It’s your chance to bring your questions and pick out the items you prefer based on how it feels in person.

You’ll find staff that are always happy to help you shop for the best deals and the best designs for your home.

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Availability Is Important

Good reviews are just as important as big sales in the furniture business.

Availability is an important consideration when buying. When you are ready to purchase a new piece of furniture for your living room, dining room, or outdoor space, you want instant gratification.

In-stock availability may be considered a small thing to some retailers, but that’s not the case at Q Living Furniture.

Certainly, those sectional sofas, outdoor furniture pieces, and other large furnishings can take up a lot of warehouse space, but Q Living Furniture doesn’t mind.

Q Living Furniture is always looking for ways to reduce the time you have to wait for your product. What may be of minor concern to some retailers is a big priority at Q Living Furniture.

Transparency Means Something at Q Living Furniture

That’s why Q Living Furniture is so transparent with its product information. A quick look online will tell you what’s in stock, which store to find it at, and information on any items that may take longer to receive.

When Q Living Furniture knows a product is in demand, they purposely opt to bring in as many as they can stock to make sure plenty of stock product is available for take away or delivery.

If you want a store that keeps as many sectionals, couches, and patio products in stock as possible, Q Living Furniture in Richmond and Victoria is the store for you!
No matter where you normally like to shop, Q Living Furniture is the rare retailer that goes out of its way to earn its positive reviews and stellar reputation. Friends don’t keep friends waiting. Welcome to the store that prioritizes convenience, quick shipping, and top-of-line customer service with every transaction.

Visit Q Living Furniture today!

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How To Contact Us?


If you live in Vancouver/Richmond, Victoria or Abbotsford, you can always visit our stores during working hours. We are available from Monday to Friday, so feel free to stop by, and we’d love to show you our furniture and accessories on display.

Or, you can head over to the Contact page on our website, provide your contact details, and write to us. One of our team members will get back to you in a matter of minutes. If you don’t believe us, you can check the Testimonials section wherein our clients always praise us for our prompt and friendly staff!

So, what are you waiting for? Give your house that oomph with chic and contemporary furniture from Q Living!


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