How to Slide a Rug Under a Sectional Sofa

How to Slide a Rug Under a Sectional Sofa


Have you ever looked up ‘How to slide a rug under a sectional sofa?’ on the internet? 

It turns out there are a lot of people with strong opinions on the matter.

Whether you’re thinking about a new area rug or a new sectional, there’s nothing like stopping by Q Living Furniture for some home decor and design inspiration. 

Or perhaps some friendly advice.

Sectional Sofa, Rugs, and You

First off, if you’ve got floor space to fill. A sectional sofa from Q Living Furniture is an attractive solution.

Sectional pieces like our Pamina, Martino, and Dolores (a smaller sectional) offer pull-out hide-a-beds that extend their functionality.

These are just some of our featured sectional sofas currently on sale. The angular nature of sectionals allows them to be used to frame their own area in open concept floor plans. A nice rug can also help accomplish the same thing.

Yeah, We Sell Area Rugs, Too!

You may have heard that having the right rug can tie a room together. There is a lot of truth to this statement. As such, Q Living Furniture abides.

Rugs serve as cozy cushioning and provide a soft landing under your feet. A small or large rug is a great way to add a splash of colour and texture to any living space.

A round rug can help make a smaller area feel like a larger room.  An attractive Q Living Furniture rug centered under another furniture piece is a great way to show both items off. 

We carry a wide selection of patterns to match every taste.



Rules for Rug Size and Placement

As mentioned, there is much information about rug placement and sectional sofas online. When it comes to room design, it’s all very subjective. 

Some sites claim there needs to be at least 12 – 18″ of uncovered space between the rug and any wall. Many experts will argue you need at least 6 to 8 inches of rug on either end of a sofa.

Yeesh! When did buying home furnishings become so strict?

At Q Living Furniture, we see every space as being unique. Only you can decide what you like. 

So, what is your style? 

If you’re not sure, we are happy to talk you through the options we think would work for the dimensions of your room.

All Legs or Only the Front Legs?

There is a strong preference out there for having all the feet of a sectional anchoring the rug. This technique helps unify a designated lounging area visually.

Going by this preference, you’ll need a rug that is fairly substantial in size. An extra-large single rug can be expensive if you’re looking at a sizable sectional like the Pamina.

If you opt for a larger rug, our only suggestion is to make sure it doesn’t creep into a hallway or extend too far into another area which can cause a visual distraction.

Most of the rugs we carry measure just over  5′ x 7′.

Our Thoughts

Create a cohesive-looking area with interior design by having the rug partially covered by placing only the front feet on the edge of the rug. A rectangular-shaped rug will create an attractive, uniform space with straight lines.

The design of the Pamina, Martino, and Dolores sectionals ensures nobody will see the outer edge of the rug tucked underneath the sectional.

There is also nothing stopping you from combining matching smaller rugs together to form a larger rug area.

Layering contrasting rugs is another option to add more personality to your space.

If you don’t want the area to feel boxed in, why not angle your rug diagonally away from the sofa? This approach creates an inviting, welcoming feel in whichever direction the rug is pointed.

It’s All About Finding the Right Balance

If your sectional isn’t touching the rug, why not make your rug the focal point of the room? 

A coffee table placed in the center of a rug is a logical choice.

Adding other furniture pieces like a stylish side table can help frame a more enticing seating area. 

Add some chairs around your smaller sectional sofa and experiment with asymmetrical placement. Positioning items like chairs directly across from one another can help create a sense of proportional visual weight.

Some blogs say you require a specified distance between certain furnishings (down to the inch, apparently!). In our experience, most customers have a pretty good feeling about where they want things to go once they’ve spent enough time in a room.

When it comes to buying a new rug or a sectional for your living room, don’t be intimidated by design rules. We want you to express yourself with our fashionable home furnishings any way you please. 

We have all the room decor products you could ask for. Need help placing a rug under a sectional couch? Yes, we can help!

Please stop by any of our stores for a visit.

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