Finding the Right Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit for Backyard Inspiration

A contained fire pit offers those close to it more than just warmth or the heat necessary for cooking. A fireplace or fire pit is good for your health!

Flickering flames provide a calming ambience that benefits the mind. Studies have shown that enjoying a relaxing fire can also help lower one’s blood pressure.

A visit to Q Living Furniture this summer is all it takes to transform your backyard into the ultimate fireside oasis. With the right décor and an attractive fire pit as a focal point, you’ll have a cozy and inviting seating area that your family and guests can enjoy throughout the seasons.

How a Fire Pit Table Is Better Than a Standard Fireplace

Although they do provide heat, don’t think of your new contained fire source as a patio heater. A fire pit’s primary purpose (using a propane tank or natural gas hookup) is to enhance the atmosphere of any outdoor gathering.

Unlike most traditional fireplaces, modern fire pits offer a clear view of the flames from all angles. They burn clean using natural gas and don’t leave a charred mess. Thanks to the push button ignition system, you can enjoy an instant fire without any prep. Many fire pit models can also be converted into attractive coffee tables when not in use.

A modern fire pit table gives you all the benefits of having an open fire under the stars without the smoke and soot of a typical campfire.

Either way, an outdoor fire is always something to behold. Now you can do it at home on your deck, patio, or under your gazebo with elegant convenience and style.

Creating an Outdoor Living Space

Fire has played a vital role in the evolution of humanity. It also makes an exciting backyard feature. If you want to add a little sophistication to your setting, plenty of fire pit styles and options exist. The right one can make any outdoor space the best place to be.

Quick installation and durable materials make fire pit tables a popular purchase.

Q Living Furniture in Victoria and Richmond (Vancouver) sells a wide range of fire pits for B.C. homeowners. You’ll also find matching propane tank covers and conversion accessories for connecting to your home’s natural gas supply.

When looking for a new propane fire pit for your deck or patio, it often comes down to choosing your preferred shape.

Partial to Round? Try the Shangri-La Natural Gas Fire Pit

If you want a round fire pit, you can’t go wrong with the Shangri-La!

Made with hand-laid reinforced concrete, you get a sturdy, attractive fire pit that works in any yard. Friends and family will love to gather around this unique burner.

With its electric ignition and auto safety shut-off, you’ll worry less about potential gas leaks and fire hazards.

Thanks to its solid construction and materials, you can easily extend the life of your fire table with the most basic upkeep.

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Thinking Square? Check Out the Naegea Square Propane Fire Table

Is it an attractive outdoor coffee table or an outdoor fire pit? With the Naegea, you get both! During the day, the included matching lid will cover the burner and lava rocks, providing extra space for setting up your drinks and snacks.

With its stylish, powder-coated steel construction, you get plenty of protection from the rain. The shell is weather-resistant and unaffected by rust or the sun’s UV rays.

Convert your outdoors into the living room of your dreams.

Want Rectangular? Explore the Millenia Propane Fire Pit

A rectangular fire pit is a popular option for people looking to fill up the space in front of an existing outdoor sofa.

The Bali beach rocks adorning the inside of the Millenia Fire Pit add a warm and appealing visual touch to complement the unit’s reinforced concrete body construction.

With 50,000 BTUs of heat coming off the burner, you can warm up any small to medium-sized space quite nicely; no wood, newspaper, or matches are required.

Enjoy the warmth and rustic appeal of an open flame for your outdoor living space.

Who Needs Outdoor Wood-Burning Fireplaces?

Everyone loves a good campfire, but no one loves the smell of the campfire smoke those outdoor wood-burning fireplaces are responsible for. Gas fire pits and outdoor gas fireplaces offer a luxurious alternative for homeowners. Burning wood is no longer necessary.

For those who appreciate the aesthetics of a traditional wood-burning fireplace, Q Living Furniture sells outdoor fireplaces/fire pits that deliver convenience with modern style.

Visit Q Living Furniture online or in person for sale pricing on all the latest fire pit styles.

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